Call for Submissions: An Anthology of Contemporary Indo-English Poetry (Hidden Books Press)

25 January 2013
Call for Submissions: An Anthology of Contemporary Indo-English Poetry (Hidden Books Press)
Deadline: 31 March 2013

A number of things precipitated out of the India’s freedom struggle against the British, not the least of them is Indo-English Poetry. The world of Indo-English Poetry has expanded and taken a comprehensive place in contemporary literature. Indo-English poetry is now playing a pivotal role in the preservation of the traditions and culture of India. After 200 hundred years it now possesses its distinct and independent identity. Here is your opportunity to showcase your poetic aptitude and mettle in an anthology of contemporary Indo-English poetry to be published by Hidden Brook Press.

Theme: Submissions are open to a general and wide theme.

Submission Size: You may submit up to 3 poems for consideration.

Previously Published: If your work has been previously published in a magazine/an anthology that is ok but you must still have the publishing rights.

Length: Maximum number of lines per poem should be 90. Remember your poems will represent Indo-English Poetry in the international arena. Send your very best poems as submission alone doesn’t qualify for publication.

Send To: Send your submissions to anthology editor Dr. Vivekanand Jha by e-mail with “Submission: Indo-English Poetry” in the subject line.

Please Note: Please include your full name, email address, mailing address, and mobile number at the top of your submission. At the end, please include your bio (in 50 words or under). Send your submission with all relevant information in single MS word attachment and the name of the file should be your name.doc or docx.

Qualifications: To qualify for inclusion in this anthology of contemporary Indo-English poetry you must live in India, or have lived in India, or have some roots in India.

Deadline: The deadline for sending submissions is 31 March, 2013. Once the deadline is passed, you will be notified if your submission is accepted or not.

Copyright: Authors will retain copyright for their work. Be sure that you own the copyright to your previously published work.

Compensation: It is an irony of poetry that it is often judged by the amount of revenue it generates and that there is indeed a challenge and need to convince the publisher of the need for such an anthology. Poetry is struggling for its survival against the onslaught of scientific innovation and invention, movies, fashion, internet etc. The main aim of this anthology is to save poetry from being pitted on the brink of extinction. Therefore, there are no submission fees but if your poetry is accepted, you will have to purchase one copy of the anthology at a 40% discount. You will be told about the procedure for purchasing the anthology at the time of releasing the book. At the time of purchase you can avail the opportunity to buy additional copies at a 40% discount, 50% discount for orders of 10 books or more. You will also receive a 10% commission if you take bookstore orders that the publisher fills.

Publication Date: This anthology is a great undertaking of significant literary importance. We expect that the collection, editing, compiling will be ready for publication in the late 2013 or early 2014.

Certificate: You must certify that the poems you have submitted are written by you and you own the copyright and you will purchase a copy of the finished book once your poem is included in the anthology.


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