Call for Entries: Fair Clout Poetry Collection Series (worldwide)

07 February 2013
Call for Entries: Fair Clout Poetry Collection Series (worldwide)
Deadline: 31 March 2013

Entries are open for submission of poems for the next ‘Fair Clout’ poetry collection series.

The ‘Fair Clout’ poetry series collection is a high-edged, artistic poetry collection series that gathers works on various universal ideas from compelling poetry writers from all around the world at mid-year intervals for publication into the local and international literary markets.

The ‘Fair Clout’ poetry series collection was created and is published by ‘ahMed A. Hassan’ only on selected contemporary publishing platforms and solutions. This work is suitable for Poetry Lovers and Creative Thinkers.

The previous title under this series is ‘A Case of Lines’- a collection of #50 master poetry pieces by Nigerian Indie author and ‘Fair Clout’ poetry series creator ‘ahMed A. Hassan’ (Available on Amazon Kindle- KDP only)

The gathering and collection of poems for the next title in the series is about to commence, and the coming title will be a collection of poems gathered from the writer of the winning ‘Fair Clout’ poetry submission.


The title for each ‘Fair Clout’ poetry series is always carefully coined and chosen by the publisher to fit the overall ‘Fair Clout’ poetry collection series’ theme.

The next title is ‘The Folk Sketches’.

This title is to feature works that depict ideas and concepts peculiar to the people and cultures which the writer has associated with and experienced, or peculiar to his own people and culture. The writer will be free to exercise freedom within the thematic frame while retaining strong poetic qualities and sensations throughout the work.

  • Who is eligible to submit an entry for an opportunity to publish in the ‘fair clout’ poetry series? Writers from any parts of the world, who are above 18, write poetry, have high quality creative writing skills and are ready to work together with the publisher and project team in creating and publishing a compelling poetry collection series. Only one writer will be selected amongst all preliminary entering writers.
  • How many poems should be entered to qualify? For each writer, only one (1) poem is required to be submitted. Each poem submission should be between 10-20 lines and not more than 150 words.
  • How will the winning poem be selected? A panel of guest judges will work with the publisher in choosing the three (3) most qualifying poem, and one (1) winning poem will be selected among the three (3) previously selected by the guest judges through public vote polls, lead judge’s recommendation, and the publisher’s final decision.
  • What share of royalties goes to the writer whose poems get published? A writer whose poems qualify to be published in the ‘Fair Clout’ poetry series will be offered a non-negotiable royalty share of 45% from the earnings of the published work under the ‘Fair Clout’ poetry collection series project terms and conditions. The writer will be required to read the ‘Fair Clout’ poetry collection series project’s terms and conditions well and proceed only under agreement to the applicable terms and conditions. I.e. for an earnings of $100 (N16,000), a writer will receive $45 (N7,200).
  • What responsibilities will the writer whose poems are published need to bear? The writer will not be made to bear any monetary responsibilities. But writer will have to be ready to take responsibilities in the promotion of the ‘Fair Clout’ title containing his poem, and must also be readily available to attend to Press sessions, book signings and other book related rites.
  • How are entries to be submitted? All entries are to be typed and submitted in a Word Document format email attachment and forwarded to the publisher’s email with the email Subject: ‘Fair Clout Poetry Entry by (Submitting Writer’s name e.g. ahmed A. Hassan)’.
  • Will writer’s works be protected? Your works will not be protected, but your rights over your works will be protected and its privacy will be respected. Writers will be completely responsible for providing protection for their works that are submitted or published. Writers who have no idea how to do so may seek the counsel of the publisher or a publishing consultant. The ‘Fair Clout’ poetry collection series and titles will remain a copyright and property of the publisher irrespectively.

The above picture is an image of the previous ‘Fair Clout’ poetry collection series title’s front cover.


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