Welcomes International Contributors: Voiceworks (honorarium: $100 per piece | fiction, poetry, non-fiction)

03 February 2013
Welcomes International Contributors: Voiceworks (honorarium: $100 per piece | fiction, poetry, non-fiction)
Deadline: 24 March 2013

(This is a call for submissions for Issue 93: Cell. Voiceworks publishes one international contributor per issue. Good luck!)

We accept submissions to all areas of the magazine at all times. Please make sure you read the following guidelines closely.

We are only able to publish work by writers and artists who are under 25 at the time of submission. We only consider previously unpublished work.

When submitting, please include in the body of the email your:
  • Name
  • Age
  • email address
  • Phone Number
  • Address
Please also include how you found out about the magazine.

Please send all writing as an attached .doc or .docx, and do not include your name in the document. Please do not send PDFs or obscure formats, or paste your submission into the body of your email. Send visual art as image files.

Fiction: Send no more than two pieces, each no more than 3000 words.

Poetry: Send no more than three pieces, and no more than 100 lines in total.

Nonfiction: We recommend that you pitch your nonfiction work before sending it to us. While this process does not guarantee publication it provides an opportunity to develop and clarify your ideas, resulting in a stronger submission. Instructions on how to pitch and how to write good nonfiction for us are here. Otherwise, send no more than two pieces, each no more than 3000 words. A huge list of nonfiction ideas is here.

We pay $100 for every piece we use.

If your submission is unsuccessful, we will notify you as soon as we can and then provide you with detailed feedback a little later. Feedback is written by a small group of volunteers and we receive a lot of submissions, so we appreciate your patience. If you think something’s gone wrong, or you haven’t heard from us 3 months after the submission deadline, please get in touch.


#93: “Cell” (Winter 2013): “Waterboard behind prison bars, splinter cell governance. Faces under soaked cloth look the same when they’re screaming afraid. I gave you one of my legs and the nights I wake screaming and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Rugs made of human hair and lampshades of bloodless skin. Anaemic malabsorption of a truth. A human ear shares the blood supply of a lab mouse, chromosomes coiling fiercely in the dark and damp. None of the molecules that are us are any of the ones we were born with. An excess of shuddering, jittering, shivering over aeons inside a star, inside a braincase. God—we killed him when we unthreaded the delicate components of our bodies, unclotted our innards, followed each slender nerve down to its tip and found no soul there. All that empty space in an atom, all that empty space that moves and breathes and loves and dies and goes back to the stars.”

Remember, theme isn’t everything. Most of all we want good writing.


Express Media publishes work in Voiceworks on a non-exclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free basis. We require writers who will be published in Voiceworks to sign a licence deed granting us permission to publish work in the printed Voiceworks magazine, on the Express Media website, and for use in promoting our magazine. Writers retain copyright of their work and are free to use in whatever way they’d like in the future. Please only submit your work if you are satisfied with these terms. For more information about this, please contact us.


For queries/ submissions: editor@expressmedia.org.au

Website: http://expressmedia.org.au/
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