Call for Entries - UN Iraq Journalism Contest: The Voices of Iraqi Women (Iraq/ worldwide)

11 March 2013
Call for Entries - UN Iraq Journalism Contest: The Voices of Iraqi Women (Iraq/ worldwide)
Deadline: 31 March 2013

All over the world, women are facing different types of challenges. Whether at home where they face domestic violence, or in their professional lives where they struggle to have their competencies fully recognized, or even in public life where they are not considered as equal to men, difficulties are still numerous for women in 2013. Unfortunately, Iraqi women are no exception.

You are invited to write a news article about Iraqi women who are trying to make significant changes to improve women’s rights in Iraq. You are asked to choose one (1) challenge faced by Iraqi women in their daily life and write about how women are addressing it to make things better for themselves, and their communities. UNAMI is looking for experienced journalists with excellent writing skills to share inspiring
news story about women who are working to make a difference in Iraq.

WINNERS: The winning news stories will be those reflecting best the issue (only one) faced by women in Iraq, taking into account the content and the quality of the language. All news stories will be evaluated anonymously by a UN panel.

  • Name, age, nationality;
  • Current employer (or Iraqi media for which you freelance regularly);
  • A copy of your story;
  • A copy of your CV;
  • The email should be sent before 31 March 2013 to: with the title: UNAMI Women Journalism Award
  • Participants must be women journalists working (or freelancing) for an Iraqi media in Iraq (Iraqi citizen only);
  • Only one story per person;
  • Stories can be written in Arabic, English or Kurdish;
  • All stories must be received before 23:59 Baghdad time on Saturday 31 March 2013;
  • UNAMI will accept original news stories as well as items that have already been published.
Read the announcement in Arabic here.


For queries/ submissions:

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