iLearn@america Introduction to Fiction Workshop (Indonesia)

11 March 2013
iLearn@america Introduction to Fiction Workshop (Indonesia)
Date: 23 March 2013 (2 - 4 pm)

This four-part writing workshop series will focus on the core elements of writing fiction: plot, conflict, setting, theme, characterization, point-of-view. In each session, students will read and analyze short stories, write from prompts, practice reading, and learn writing methods. Most importantly, students will take and give feedback to each other's work and provide constructive criticism. In the end, students will produce one story.


This workshop is a four-part series that takes place at 14.00 on the following dates of 2013: March 16, 23, 30, and April 6. Participants’ ability to earn a certificate is completely dependent on their registration status and ability to attend three of the four sessions.

To register for this program: pre-register by sending an email to (priority will be given to those who pre- register)
  • subject line – Fiction Writers
  • body text - full name, hand phone number
Walk-ins are welcome and may register on the day of the workshop depending on current registration totals, @america class room seating capacity, and time of arrival (as explained below). Limited seat available for this workshop is 15-20 pax.

  • Registration opens at 13:00.
  • Priority will be given to those who have pre-registered.
  • Participants who pre-register at must arrive by 13:30 to guarantee a seat.
  • Walk-ins will be asked to sign-up and queue and will be allowed to enter at the discretion of the @america team managing the entrance.
  • If you pre-register but arrive after 13.30, we cannot guarantee that you will be admitted.
iLearn@america Introduction to Fiction Workshop
  • Venue: @america Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Guest: Ninda Daianti, MFA

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